ACOM Director – Thanks everyone

Following the initial release of the ACOM Director beta the feedback has been excellent and it appears to have been very well received by the ACOM 2000 user community.

Thank you to everyone who downloaded a copy and tried it out, your bug reports, comments and opinions are invaluable in moving the software forward.

I am now working on the next beta release which i hope to make available soon and will be putting up a dedicated page on my site for ACOM Director, this will contain information on what type of cable is needed to connect to the ACOM 2000 and information on what type of interface is needed to support the remote power on features.

Thanks again to everyone who has tried out the software.

ACOM 2000 Control Software

At the M0XXT/M9X station we use 2 ACOM 2000 Amplifiers, these are excellent amps and importantly they have the capability to be computer controlled. However there is a distinct lack of software that will allow you to control the amplifier from the computer. I believe this is mainly due to the somewhat complex control protocol that ACOM used for the amplifier.

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Using the Hitachi LM038 LCD with the Arduino

I recently purchased a few LCD displays from ebay, these were labelled up as Hitachi LM038 LCD Modules. There didn’t seem to be much information out there on the internet about how to use these, so I thought i’d put together a quick how to guide for anyone else who may have purcased one of these. In the example i’m using an Arduino (Atmel ATMega328) for speed and ease of use, however the process would be the same for any micro (PIC or AVR).

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CQ WPX 2010

It’s been a while since the last post, I’ve been very busy working on our contest station (M0XXT)

M0XXT will be entering CQ WPX M/2 this weekend, head over to for details of the work we’ve been doing on the station.

Full Licence

Some of you may have noticed that the site has now been re-branded to M0YOM. Despite having overdone it slightly the night before at the RSGB convention, it turns out that my full licence exam went succesfuly so i am now M0YOM 🙂

Why antenna maintenance is important

I woke up this morning to find my 35m long doublet all over the back garden, it had been supported by a length of paracord that ran over the top of the house and was secured on the oposite wall. It had been up for about 18 months and it appears that the paracord had finally succomed to UV degredation and snapped. Unfortunatly this takes me of all HF bands except for 80m and running new cord is very difficult as i have to feed it over the roof of the house somehow.

If you are using support lines that are susceptable to UV radiation i would strongly recommend replacing these at least every 12 months to avoid problems like this from occuring.