ACOM Director Plus 0.6.0 (beta)

ACOM Director Plus 0.6.0 (beta) is now available

ACOM Director Plus 0.6.0 (beta)

This release contains quite a few improvements and will be the last release for a couple of weeks while I work on adding ACOM2000A support. As I have limited access to an ACOM2000A now i’m expecting this to take around 2 weeks to complete.

Changes in this version are:

  • IMPROVED: Carrier Frequency, Gain and SWR readouts altered to improve display time of these values
  • IMPROVED: PA Temperature is now rounded to nearest degree C
  • IMPROVED: VCC5 is now rounded to nearest 0.1V
  • IMRPOVED: Relay Voltage is now rounded to nearest volt
  • IMRPOVED: PA DC Current is now rounded to 0.1A
  • IMRPOVED: PA DC Power and PA Dissipated Power are now rounded to nearest Watt
  • IMPROVED: Bias Voltages are now rounded to nearest 0.01V
  • IMPROVED: Gain now rounded to nearest 0.1dB
  • IMPROVED: Logger integration code refactored to allow easier integration with more loggers
  • IMPROVED: Forward and Reflected power meters now hold their value better improving readability
  • ADDED: Additional compact control panel design, smaller display with just the essentials
  • ADDED: N1MM+ Interface for frequency tracking
  • ADDED: Logger Tracking is now functional (please note that certain firmware versions of the ACOM600S are known not to work, the latest version does however)
  • ADDED: Proper detection for when the amplifier is shutting down

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I'm James, a radio amateur, software engineer and professional geek. I'm the IT Director for a software company and Director and part owner of a web design, hosting and media business.

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  • Hi James – Just downloaded your Acom Director Plus. Lovely software – Thanks for your work on it. I have one question. How do I go about getting into the settings that came up the first time I ran the software? I want to ad support for N1MM+ software. I have clicked about everywhere but haven’t found the right spot yet. Thanks K4JKB – Joe Bales

    • Hi Joe,

      When you first run the software, it will show an icon in the system tray area (bottom right of the screen by the date and time), you can right click this to access the various options or double left click to display the interface. In the configuration dialog you can select the type of logger integration you want to use,N1MM+ is one of the options. You will also need to enable broadcast of the radio data (using the default address and port number) within N1MM+.

      73 James M0YOM

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