Band Pass Filter Update

Construction of the band pass filters continued today, progress has been slow recently as i needed some more parts (M3 10mm bolts and some M3 nuts), I also had the problem of finding some appropriate coax to use for the internal connections. As luck would have it i have a couple of barely working Wifi antennas that have some nice long leads of very thin coax, it turns out that the coax is RG-174, perfect for my short internal connections on the BPF’s.

The prep work on the case can be seen in the picture , the ribbon cable is for the connection of the motherboard to the manual band selector switch on the front.

Once the case prep work was complete, the motherboard and filters could be fitted.

If i get chance i should have the first of the two BPF’s completed over the weekend (as long as i don’t get distracted by IOTA).

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