ACOM Director Plus – Technical Preview 1

An update on ACOM Director? surely not. As many of you will have noticed, i’ve been somewhat silent for a while on the new version of ACOM Director, this has been down to a number of reasons, some personal, some work related and some due to some technical challenges getting it to do what I wanted it to.

Personal and Work issues aside, ACOM Director has been through 2 entire re-writes since the last update I posted, I won’t go into all the underlying reasons, however i’m now happy with the approach i’ve taken which will allow some exciting capabilities in the future. ACOM Director has now been re-written from the ground up and as such i’ve decided to create a whole new version which i’m calling ACOM Director Plus.

The original ACOM Director will still be available for download, however it will ultimately be superceded by ACOM Director Plus.

The main purpose of this post is to let you all know that there is now a Technical Preview available to download for the new ACOM Director Plus, you can grab it here

ACOM Director Plus – Technical Preview 1

Please be aware that this is a technical preview and so is far from finished (think a pre-alpha and certainly pre-beta version). This technical preview currently only supports the ACOM600 or ACOM1200 and has a very limited and extremely crude user interface (ACOM2000 support will be added late). I’m releasing this so that I can get feedback on the stability of the basic communication with the ACOM600/1200. The low level RS232 (COM Port) code was completely re-written along with the way that the software manages communication with the amplifier, so the main purpose of this is to gain feedback on how this is working. That being said, it is already functional as a computerised display of all the data from the amp and allows switching between operate and standby.

The Download does not yet have an installation routine, this is a self extracting zip so you will need to extract the files to a folder and run “ACOM Director Plus.exe”.

The User Interface, and it’s capabilities are far from complete, however progress is now moving well and i’ll be uploading regular updates going forward.

I’m very sorry for the delay in getting this out to you all, All feedback is very much welcome and i’m excited to finally get this project completed.

Check back soon as i’ll have a much more feature complete version ready for upload soon.

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